Wanderings with Grace

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I grew up always having access to computers with internet and that in accordance with my interest in creating content has led me to meet so many people online. I've connected with other bloggers, concert photographers around the New York City area and beyond, and so many creatives because we're all sharing our content online. Of those people, Grace is one of the few that I've actually met in person. We came to know each other through Instagram and when she spent the last month traveling around the United States, I got to meet her when she made her way to New York.

Spending time with Grace was like reconnecting with an old friend. Simply through our interactions on Instagram and through email, I sensed that we'd get along in person but like Grace says, it "takes a bit of magic" to really hit it off. Even though I didn't spend a lot of time with Grace during her actual explorations of the city, in the time we did hang out, we learned that we're pretty much the same person. It was a really fun discovery to learn that we both enjoy the same pop albums, to complain about things on Instagram, to enjoy life over a nice Chipotle burrito bowl, and best of all, to talk about boys and our own inner sadness. There is really nothing that can bond two people together quite like talking about your own personal lives. Overanalyzing life with another person really just cements that relationship unlike anything else.

Grace and I spent last Saturday wandering around Nolita, Washington Square Park, SoHo, bits of Chinatown, and ended up in the theater district to catch up with some other friends over matcha lattes and matcha creampuffs at Bibble & Sip. We even ventured into Times Square - what I consider the ass hole of New York - and we survived! What was really nice about hanging out with someone I met through a creative outlet like Instagram was that both Grace and I could take a moment or two to capture something and it wasn't bothersome to the other person. Being allowed to take a second photo (or six or seven) to really perfect the composition or lighting without the added pressure of having a non-creative friend impatiently wait around for you is so nice to have sometimes.

So here's to more wanderings and adventures to be experienced and captured with Grace in the future. Below are some of my photos from our day exploring Manhattan. #SoHoangUpOnYeoh

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