Yellow Ostrich: “WHALE”

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Other than my sad inability to spell “yellow” correctly, there’s not much I can find wrong with Yellow Ostrich. Their clear, simple yet complex sound is so inviting and addictive. Alex Schaaf sings “Listen to me/Then you will see,” and you know what Alex? I have seen that you, Michael Tapper, and Jon Natchez make brilliant music, and I accept the financial ruin that this may bring me. (Lets hope I don’t max out my credit card on iTunes)

Like the song commanded, I opened my heart to Yellow Ostrich. And everyone else in the world should to, because this song brings nothing but ear pleasuring happiness. The instrumentation behind the song is so simple. Minimal instruments are used yet such a complex sound was the result. Alex Schaaf’s vocal ability in the recorded version and in live versions sound remarkably the same. This trio is brilliant, give them a listen.

Take me far into the blue Yellow Ostrich. I’ve opened my heart to you.

Yellow Ostrich is Alex Schaaf, Michael Tapper, Jon Natchez.


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