Young Guns @ The Paramount 08/15/2015

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Have you ever thought about how often you hear your own town’s name in a single day? The number is probably low but I bet that number would increase tenfold if you attended a hometown concert. At least, that’s what I noticed as Young Guns performed at The Paramount in Huntington, New York last night; but it’s hard not to notice when the person saying “Huntington,” is doing so with a British accent. Perhaps this was Young Guns vocalist, Gustav Wood’s way of making the crowd comfortable. It certainly seemed that way as he would often ask different areas of the venue how they were doing, throughout the band’s set. But if the initial reception to the band’s performance is of any indication, this Long Island audience felt right at home with this British rock band onstage.

“We’re gonna play a new song. Is that alright? Good because we’re fucking doing it anyway.” Seconds before the band started to play, drummer Ben Jolliffe took a mouthful of water and spit it up in the air as Young Guns’ set began. It was a fun alternative to pyrotechnics as the water encapsulated Gustav Wood as he began to sing. “Rising Up” served as one of the opening songs and despite coming off the band’s recently released album, Ones and Zeros, the audience seemed to already know the words. Prior to beginning “Daylight,” Wood prefaced it by rhetorically asking if it’d be alright to play a new song. While Young Guns weren’t going to wait for an answer, it didn’t really matter because the audience began to cheer as they played “Daylight.” The lights in the venue would turn back on throughout the song and cheers from the audience radiated throughout The Paramount.

“We’ve done a bunch of tours in the U.S. for the past couple of years. It’s quite a privilege to stand on a stage in front of so many people like this. Everywhere we go, we are made to feel so welcome and tonight is no different.”

“Tell me this Huntington, Long Island, it’s a Saturday night at the end of the summer. You know it’s only gonna get better right?,” said Wood as Young Guns’ set came to a close. And the set did get better because the proceeding songs, “Weight Of The World” and “Speaking In Tongues,” proved to be set highlights. The floor in the venue began to shake during these songs, arms swung around in the air, and not a soul seemed to stay still. The audience was sectioned off by Wood and directed to make the loudest noise possible to let headliners, Breaking Benjamin, know how excited the audience was. The excitement continued throughout the band’s final song, “Bones,” but something tells me Young Guns could have kept playing for hours to indefinite amounts of enthusiasm and excitement.


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