You’re an Asshole

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So I made this GIF at 4:34 am because:

  1. 1. I am so short that I almost don’t qualify as a human so when people hold up these posters, I seethe with anger.
  2. 2. When TALL people hold up these posters, irrational anger consumes me because I don’t understand why the government let your parents procreate because they obviously did a terrible job in raising you.

HONESTLY. WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS. YOU’RE BLOCKING EVERYONE’S VIEW. You’re an asshole. And I hope none of my lovely readers are assholes like these guys. Yeah, I’m talking to you black track suit wearing, 6 ft tall brunette at Terminal 5 who is already in the front row. And cheers to your short counterpart in his douche-y pink shorts, you’re an asshole too!

And to quote Girls, “Good luck going through life as yourself!”

However, I applaud those in the audience with enough trajectory talents to throw their empty bottles at these assholes. You’re doing something right with your life. I commend you for your actions towards this insufferable and unbelievable injustice towards an entire audience’s viewing pleasure.

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